Stone Care

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Aqua Fend® G

Aqua Fend® G flooring protection makes the cleaning and ongoing maintenance of flooring and paving s..

£120.00 Ex Tax: £100.00

CLEAN MOSS - Moss and algae remover - Massimo Piraccini

Detergent for removing atmospheric dirt, moss and algae from floors, stone façades, monuments a..

£19.50 Ex Tax: £16.25

CROCODILE WAX - Massimo Piraccini

High polishing wax with high water-repellency. Polishes matt surfaces and restores  light ..

£15.00 Ex Tax: £12.50

Lantania Kit Bello

Lantania Kit BelloREPOLISHING MARBLE KITCharacteristics:Repolishing marble kit for surfaces in polis..

£54.00 Ex Tax: £45.00

Liquid Wax - Crocoshine

Polishing wax for polished marble, granite and agglomerates. Easy-to-use and does not leave wax..

£24.00 Ex Tax: £20.00

MAGIC KIT - Massimo Piraccini

To remove corrosion stains from polished marbles:* Wax cleaning maintenance and polishing cream for ..

£96.00 Ex Tax: £80.00

MGP 25- Degreasing Detergent - Massimo Piraccini

Highly degreasing detergent for cleaning or maintaining kitchen and restaurant floorsof rough or pol..

£12.79 Ex Tax: £10.66

MGP 26 - Dewaxes - Massimo Piraccini

Universal dewaxer for removing polishing wax. It removes water-based wax of metal, synthetic an..

£18.10 Ex Tax: £15.08

MGT 24 - Stone Soap - Massimo Piraccini

Safe, efficient, universal detergent that does not attack the polish of the surface.  Recommend..

£14.11 Ex Tax: £11.76

Stone Soap - Pollet Linpol

Natural soap cleaning and protection of the floor DESCRIPTION: Super-concentrated liquid soap of ..

£36.00 Ex Tax: £30.00

Stone Stripper - Pollet Delta

Download technical informationDescriptionGeneral-purpose high-powered food-oriented degreasing and c..

£36.00 Ex Tax: £30.00

Polishing Powder Marble Hulk

Hulk Crystallising Powder is a polishing powder for stone to give the material thatextra shine.How t..

£21.60 Ex Tax: £18.00

Klindex Polish Powder - KP 85

The most popular polishing powder!POLISH KP85 is not only one of the best polishing powder but ..

£26.40 Ex Tax: £22.00

Klindex KP92 - Polishing Powder

For standard marbles and limestone.POLISH KP92 is not only one of the best polishing powder but..

£27.60 Ex Tax: £23.00

Klindex KG Clear - Granite Polish Powder

For light color granite.POLISH KG CLEAR is not only one of the best polishing powder but it is ..

£216.00 Ex Tax: £180.00

Polish Terrazzo and Palladiana - Klindex

for terrazzo, mosaic and palladiana.POLISH TERRAZZO AND PALLADIANA is not only one of the best ..

£42.00 Ex Tax: £35.00

Colour Tube for Polyester Glue - General

These colour tubes contain concentrated coloured pigments in a polyester base glue. Theycan be used ..

£9.12 Ex Tax: £7.60

General - Polyester Glue Solid

This polyester solid resin from General has a consistency like butter, and can be applied to vertica..

£11.16 Ex Tax: £9.30

Stucco Hot Filling Wax

Also known as hot filling wax, this product is used to fill surface imperfections, in particular,for..

£10.20 Ex Tax: £8.50

Polyester Glue Fluid Tenax

Polyester liquid resins have a consistency like treacle and flow well into holes and pits in the sto..

£15.60 Ex Tax: £13.00

Epoxy Resin Semi Solid Epoxy 50 General - Bronze and Funerary Art

Epoxy 50 is a two part, semi solid, high strength resin used to fix marble and naturalstone. Each ca..

£12.00 Ex Tax: £10.00

Polyepoxy Solid High Strength Glue - General

Polyepoxy is a high strength adhesive suitable for sticking a wide range of different materials. It ..

£20.40 Ex Tax: £17.00

PoliEP Solid High Strength Glue for Wet Surfaces - General

PoliEP has all the features and advantages of Polyepoxy and in addition can be used on humid or damp..

£23.40 Ex Tax: £19.50

Epoxy Resin Semi Solid Epoxy Glass - General

Epoxy Glass is a semi solid epoxy resin from General. It can be used for bondingboth natural and syn..

£61.20 Ex Tax: £51.00

Epoxy Resin Semi Solid Fixtop - Tenax

Fixtop is a two component epoxy glue from Tenax. It is the ideal product for gluingand joining marbl..

£36.00 Ex Tax: £30.00

Epoxy Resin Semi Solid BiBond Tenax - For White Marble

BiBond is an extra clear epoxy glue in thixotropic paste. Suitable for gluing and joining all types ..

£72.00 Ex Tax: £60.00

Epoxy Resin Liquid Strong Edge - Tenax

Tenax Strong Edge is an epoxy glue which is fluid and completely colourless. It isideal for gluing r..

£22.80 Ex Tax: £19.00

Cleaning Acetone - ACETONE 99.7% PURE in UN Approved Jerry Cans

This 1000ml approved jerry can of acetone is ideal for help with cleaning of stains, breaking downsu..

£9.60 Ex Tax: £8.00

Cleaning Methylated Spirit

This methylated Spirit is ideal for the cleaning of any oil based products on tools andequipment. It..

£4.20 Ex Tax: £3.50

Wire Wool

Wire WoolCoarse, medium and fine grade wire wool is used during the polishing and maintenanceof ston..

£5.40 Ex Tax: £4.50