About Us

Marble Care Supplier -  White Carrara Ltd

The beauty of the floor greatly impacts on the general beauty of any household. There
are different types of materials used for flooring and to maintain the beauty of your
house, proper maintenance has to be done on the floors. Most people however find it
daunting and very herculean to do the maintenance of their floors. At White Carrara Ltd
we take the hard work out of keeping your floor in good condition several years in to the
future. We are a company that specialises in maintaining marble granite and concrete
The credibility of our company is attributed to our huge commitment at ensuring our
work is outstanding. To guarantee quality, we have set a high standard through which all
our floors have to meet. Our good background and experience in the industry makes us
beBer placed at providing the best services for your floor. Before we set out on any
project we get our clients contribution on their expectations to ensure their highest
expectations are met.
Another variable that scales our company to a higher competitive edge are our choice of
technology. We leverage the latest trend in technology to ensure that every floor we
work on is one of a kind. We also use high quality chemicals and several other
accessories to ensure that our final products beats the test of time in terms of quality
and durability. All the day every day we buckle down to make our services even beBer
and make your dreams from your floors.
Yet we endeavour to offer an unbeatable quality, we also strive to save our clients great
deals of cash. All our products and services are available at very competitive rates giving
you great value for your money. Our range of services are also designed to offer you
optimum levels of convenience. If looking to give a unique touch to your floor, count on
us for the ultimate solutions.

White Carrara team,